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Services - Safety Flim

Safety Film

Safety and security film for all vehicles to provide a layer of protection against potential smash and grab attacks.

Services - Flat Glass

Flat Glass

Available for homes and offices. Reduces inside temperatures and energy required for aircons/heaters, while protecting rooms from damaging UV rays. An elegant tint also enhances the appearance of any house or office, while providing safety and protection.

Prices - Hatchbacks - R800
Prices - Sedans - R900
Prices - SUVs - R1000

How it works?

  • Modern cars have air bags, 5 star safety ratings and crumple zones. When it comes to glass however, it is the weakest part of a car, the easy to access and easily broken in accidents. By apply security film, this weak point is greatly strengthened.
  • Glass performs poorly at distributing shock and load evenly over its surface. It has low tolerance for bending or changing shape. Glass cracks and shatters when an impact force is applied to it.
  • Security film, when applied to the glass helps to evenly distribute the load applied to the glass and therefore reduces its susceptibility to breaking. 
  • In the event that glass does break, the film holds are the glass shards in place and prevents them from causing damage. 

UV Protection

Window film not only provides physical protection but UV protection too. By stopping 99% of all UV light from entering a vehicle. 
This protects your vehicle interior from fading and damage caused by the UV rays.
It protects your skin from burning and helps to keep in the interior of your car cooler by up to 15* degrees Celsius in the hot South African summer.

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